Field Trip!!

Hello lovely companions!  Thank you for sharing in this adventure with me. I was in Richmond last week, attending my favourite conference of the year, the DL Conference (where DL has, and does, stand for: Distributed, Digital, Distance….Learning). I look forward to just referring to Learning, with the assumption that electronic technology, at some level, is always going to be part of the process. As I reminded the participants in both my sessions, “Pedagogy is always the driver, but technology is the accelerator”.

However… I ended up with a little extra time, and so did what any teacher would do, at a loose end in the Big City…. I went on a field trip.  There is a quaint little village just a 20 minute bus ride from my hotel that sits right on the Fraser River, as it empties into the Salish Sea.  A rich (and diverse) history from a First Nations settlement to a Japanese Canadian Fishing Village to a European Fish Processing centre to a historical site to a TV production set. The Visitor centre is the best way to show the multi-faceted nature of this little place:

borrowed from:

In fact, this is not actually a post office (although you can get post cards there), and Storybooke is a make-believe village only found on TV. But in itself, it is a real place, and upon entering, you can go back in time, via the well collected and curated items on display in its attached Steveston Museum:

From there, I  headed down the street to the Georgia Cannery– a National Historical site built in a former fish cannery and processing plant.  What an amazing job making something fascinating out of what could be considered less-than-inspiring.  A great mix of artifacts, technology, and artistic recreation. Click on the thumbnails below for full sized pictures….and Follow along….

And then there is the Steveston market, restaurants, a great English-style Pub, very near a brilliant British foods shoppe… go on, you know you want to join me on my next field trip.



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